How to Draw Fighting Angels

How to Draw Fighting Angels

Step 1:

Begin by following a few very basic guidelines. Two tiny shapes for heads, and then the directions for the wings.

Step 2:

Now, you will draw the outline of the head of the angel and then add a faded face.

Sep 3:

Then draw the basic body first, beginning with the arms and torso , after that the legs and feet. You can clearly see, the angel is in a posing posture.

Step 4:

This is where you finish this angel’s first sketch by sketching out the wings that are large and make sure you draw them with their cuppings inside.

Step 5:

Because you’ll only look at the side of the angel’s second wing, you will need to pull out the first portion of the wing prior to getting towards the body.

Step 6:

You can now complete your second angel drawing remaining of the wings, and the shoulders, head, and some of the legs and arms. Eliminate the mistakes and guide.

Step 7:

You’ve just created your own fighting angels. You can now have fun coloring them and making your personal background.

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