How to draw Female bodies Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1

This is the first time we see an image of a woman’s face. As you can see, the female figure is filled with curvatures and gentleness. From the shape of her face to her eyebrow shape!

Step 2

As for faces, here’s an easy trick to follow, how can draw women from different aged and different ages such as youngsters (1) and teenagers (2) as well as mature women (3) or an older women (4. This is a simple example to get your assistance!

Step 3

Eyes are very important for women since they can be unreliable (2) or even sinful (3) as well as feminine (4) or cute, it’s your decision. What is more appropriate for your female appearance?

Step 4

Here are some suggestions and tricks to style your hair. As you will see, the hair of women is full of soft lines and arcs!

Step 5

For the hair and face, I’d like to demonstrate that women’s bodies are adorned with lots of curves and soft lines. all of their bodies have this line as well. Let’s take a look at how we can improve our appearance!

Step 6

As you can observe in the previous step, you will be able to clearly observe how females are shaped. Below are various body types to consider since there are many different types of bodies. The typical bust and hips have about the same size and height, however here women have more of a certain body kind. Certain women have larger hips than their breasts, and some women have larger hips than their breasts or have masculine-looking bodies as well. It all is based on genetics.

Step 7

It is crucial to consider perspective when you are trying to sketch your woman’s model since it’s not acceptable when you don’t know what’s bigger and less in the scene. Here are some suggestions!

Step 8

As a last tip for you to follow, here are some poses images for female actors. Since their body is soft, their movements are soft! If you’re looking for more feminine poses take a look at the next pinup photo!

Step 9

This is our “How to draw woman figures” section! Begin by drawing the outline of the figure.

Step 10

Then, we’ll draw the outline that will be the shape of your face!

Step 11

Draw the eyes using her eyebrows. If you can observe her face from an aspect from the side then you can draw it more quickly!

Step 12

Then draw the small features of her face, such as her nose, mouth, and her eyes!

Step 13

Make a larger version, to build the foundation for her hair!

Step 14

Make small lines on her hair. Now you can see lots of hairlines!

Step 15

Draw the basic form that her arms will take. (Since her arms form the back’s frame it’s not necessary anyway to differentiate them from one the other!)

Step 16

Draw tiny lines on her back, fingers, and arms! It’s a little more difficult however, it’s not too difficult!

Step 17

Now sketch the basic design of her clothing!

Step 18

Draw lines and details on her clothing!

Step 19

Then to draw the final portion, let’s draw out the shape of the base that her legs take!

Step 20

In a step that is a little more Draw separate lines on the legs. You can clearly be able to see the legs!

Step 21

This is the conclusion of this “How to Draw the Female Bodies” tutorial! I truly enjoyed creating the tutorial for you I hope you enjoyed it as well. The only thing you’ll require is to get coloring your own female character! Bravo, you guys!

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