How to Draw Female Anime Legs Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to draw anime legs for females. It includes a step-by-step guide on the proportions and shapes of the sides and front.

Female anime legs drawing

The legs of the manga and anime styles that are more popular look very similar to real ones.

This tutorial will use an example of a more realistic style of female anime legs.

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Step 1 – Female Anime & Manga Leg Proportions

Female anime leg proportions



As we have already stated, the proportions of manga and anime legs are very similar in size to real legs.

The area between the lower legs and the knees is generally about the same height as the area below the knees.

The above example considers perspective. This means that the back leg of the side view is smaller than the front leg. That is why the line that indicates the bottom of the legs is slightly higher in the front view.

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Step 2: The basic shape of the legs

Female anime legs shape

The front view shows the legs curving inwardly towards the middle of the body, and then curved outwards past the knees.

The side view shows the legs curved backward, then forwards starting at the knees.

Step 3 – Common Leg Curves

Female anime leg curves

Female legs generally have a series of smooth curves, especially in anime and manga.

Different anime characters may have different-looking legs (thinner or thicker, etc ), but you can still use the illustration above to illustrate the general curves of the legs.

Step 4 – Drawing the legs and other details

Female anime legs

Keep all the curves and proportions in your mind when drawing the legs. Next, add the details like the ankle bones and hints at the knees.


When drawing on paper, make sure you first draw light lines. Then, when you are satisfied with the proportions of your drawing, add darker lines to it.


This tutorial will explain the basic shapes and proportions for manga and anime-style legs. As mentioned, anime legs often look the same as real ones. You can look at real photos if you need an additional reference to draw legs in a certain position.

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