How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial -

How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial

How to Draw Female Anime Eyes Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to draw anime- and manga-style eyes for females. It also includes detailed examples of each step.


Step by step, drawing the female anime eye.

This tutorial is focused on drawing anime eyes for females, but you can find many eye-drawing tutorials on 3dvkarts. You may find some overlaps if you have already looked at them.


Female Anime Eye Specifics (Before you Start Drawing)

Anime’s eyes almost always look larger and wider than their real counterparts. This is particularly true for female characters, who have wider and larger eyes than their male counterparts.

Female anime eyes are distinguished by their prominent eyelashes. They are longer, thicker, and more numerous than males. Although this isn’t always true, it tends to be the case.

You can find different styles of anime eyes here:

How To Draw Different Types Of Anime Eyes

If you are drawing on paper, make sure to draw light lines. You will need to erase the various steps. Once you are done, you can add a solid line to your drawing.


Step 1: Draw the outer shape of your eye

Eyelids for female anime eyes

Begin the drawing by tracing the outer shape and contour of the eye. This will show the eyelids/eyelashes.


Step by Step Drawing Eyelashes for Animes

Step 2: Draw the Iris’ Shape

Iris for female anime eyes

The iris should be drawn vertically (as opposed to a real eye). The iris should be a rectangular shape with the top and bottom covered by the eyelids.

Step 3 – Draw your pupil

A female pupil for anime eyes

Draw the pupil inside the iris by drawing the outline of the iris, but smaller.

Step 4: Indicate Dark Area at Top of Iris

Female anime eyes are located in the upper region

Draw a line toward the upper eye to indicate the darkened area created partly by shadows and reflections from the eyes.

In the next step, you can erase the line that overlaps the pupil. It is important to draw it in this way so that the lines are parallel and you have a smooth curve.

Step 5: Draw the Primary Reflection

Female anime eyes’ primary light reflection

The main reflection area should be drawn from the main light source, such as an indoor or outdoor light bulb, fire, or the sun. The pupil and shadow can be erased if they are covered by the reflection.

The light source’s shape and color can affect the color and shape of the reflection. In anime, you can leave the reflection white and give it an abstract shape such as a circle or oval.

Step 6 – Draw Secondary Reflection

Secondary light reflection for female anime eyes

This reflection is usually caused by the light from the main source of light bouncing off a surface. It will typically be smaller than the primary reflection.


You can now erase the portion of the pupil that is being covered by the reflection.

Step 7 – Shade the Different Areas of the Eye

Shades for the female anime eyes

Shade the areas you have drawn in the previous steps. You can also draw on paper but leave the reflections blank.

Shade the eyelids, which technically are part of the eyelashes, black. Also, shade the pupil black.

Shade the iris gray or any other color you wish to use.

Step 8 – Add the outer top eyelid eyelashes

Eyelashes for female anime eyes

You could skip step 7 of the tutorial and still have an anime-looking eye. However, this tutorial is geared towards female eyes so we will be adding eyelashes.

The outer corners of your eyes are the best place to put the eyelashes. Eyelashes (real eyelashes) tend to fan out around the eyelids, so you can draw anime eyelashes similarly.

Next, add smaller eyelashes to the inner corner.

Because the eyelashes can be shaded, they are also very small.

You don’t need to add anything in the middle, as they tend to point forward and visually merge into one.

Step 9 – Add the bottom eyelashes

Drawing of female anime eyes

To finish the drawing of an anime female eye, add a few tiny eyelashes to the inner and outer corners.

Color & Gradient

Female anime eye color drawing

It is possible to colorize the eye with different colors than just using greys.

You can shade the iris to create a gradient. The iris will appear darker towards its outer edges, and lighter towards its middle.

Drawing both eyes

Female anime eyes drawing

Draw both eyes simultaneously and then move on to the next step.

Check out this link for more information and important drawing tips:

Beginner Guide to Drawing Anime & Manga

It is important to remember that light reflections are not mirrored, but will remain in the same places in both eyes.

Female anime eyes color drawing

Place Anime Eyes Vertically on the Head

Female anime eyes vertical placement

Place your eyes vertically on the head and divide it into two. Draw them below the halfway mark.

Real eyes are placed directly on this line, but anime eyes are drawn lower on the head. This is especially true for younger female characters.

Spacing Anime eyes

Female anime eyes spacing

You can place your eyes out by simply leaving a space equal to the width of one eye between them.


Although anime eyes can be drawn easily, they are complex due to the many variations that are available based on emotions and personalities. These tutorials will show you how to draw all these things.

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