One of them is Fat Tony – a stereotypical Italian mafia boss who has much of his moments in the pizzeria run by Luigi Risotto and is a frequent speaker of clichéd words. Let’s begin this drawing tutorial and discover the art of drawing Fat Tony.

Step 1
Then, we sketch the outline of a head that is round neck, torso, and neck as an oval.

Step 2
Then, we sketch the legs and arms that makeup Fat Tony.

Step 3
We draw semi-circular eyelids that have frowning eyes. Then draw a drooping, rounded nose.

Step 4
Create pupils using the shape of folds and dots beneath the eyes. Then draw the outline of the mouth and cheeks.

Step 5
Draw the outline of a sloping forehead as well as a high-cut hairstyle. Then, draw a small neck and an ear that is thick.

Step 6
Let’s now move to the body. Draw the outline of a stomach that is round and the various pieces of clothing on the chest.

Step 7
Draw the jacket’s outline as well as the specifics that are on it. Then, we draw our arms by putting cigarettes between our fingers, and then a bracelet is placed around the wrist.

Step 8
We move on to the lower part in the lower part which is Fat Tony and draw out the outline of the pants using long lines.

Step 9
It is the simplest step that we simply have to sketch the role that is worn by Fat Tony.

As you can observe the lesson was easy. Our drawing articles on The Simpsons characters are similarly easy to draw. You can go to our group “Cartoons” and learn how to draw using our drawing classes.

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