How to draw Fashion Girl with Beautiful Dress

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to draw Summer Girl Step by Step

The first step is to create a basic shape. The model I created is standing in a basic pose for a girl, with her hands firmly behind her back, and her toes bent slightly inward. To create a good posture, draw a basic circle around the head, taking care not make it small, or large.. Make sure it’s similar to the circles around the shoulders. Draw circles on the shoulders, a line to mark the location that the bridge between shoulders is. an upward line of the torso, and an upside down bowl , with the club feet emerging from the bowl.

Step 2
Then, you need to determine the shape of her head like. Make use of the circle to create your anime chin, and then draw some lines of guide to define the face. It is suggested to use the curve on that side (Your right side, rather than hers) in the center of the circle. begin to dip in using the curve before pulling out to form the cheek’s corner. This can help create a more rounded head, not simply straight lines.

Step 3.
With the help of the guide lines draw the outside of eyes the nose (If the nose of yours crosses your line of sight as mine did, you might require redrawing it later) and smile. Make sure that the smile is slightly higher than usual since her mouth is open.

Step 4
Then, draw the irises or circles of the eyes. Draw a low line which is in the corners of your mouth and then draw the appearance of a small hill inside your mouth to create the smile. Below the low curve make an arc to highlight your lower lips. Draw eyelid lines that are above the eyes.

Step 5
The next step is to remove the circle from the head of her, therefore we’ll sketch on the tops of her bangs as well as the hair’s shape. Just above the bangs ought to be a slight curvature and blowout that shows the rest of the hair being pulled away from view. Remove the hair from the hair.

Step 6
You are now able to delete your guidelines and headlines as they’re no longer required. However, you should keep your neck and the rest of your body in peace. Make sure you draw the remaining bangs into the clip as well as some shoulder length hair.

Step 7
I’ve lowered my guides to ensure that the lines don’t get lost. As you will see, I draw the sleeves not touching but hovering over the guides. To the bottom of the sleeves make a small slit. Beginning at the lower part of the shoulder circles make a curve in the direction of the bowl and over the bowl , to make the waistline and begin at the top of the dress.

Step 8
Before we move on, imagine that you to fill the entire upper body. Draw the base of the hair, hidden behind the sleeves. Draw two small rectangles in the middle of those shaggy sleeves, and the arms hidden behind them. Draw the neckline and the square line of neck of dress. If you’ve watched my tutorial for sewing with chibis take note of the same technique of fastening the neckline as you see. It’s not a flat dress for her.

Step 9
Before we start the lower part of the dress there are some things you should be aware of about how pleats work. Look at the blue line that determines the way pleats will appear. It is the bottom of the dress and should not be cut off. The line should be continuous , even when it is at an angle that is sharp, and no break occurs or you’ll be unable to achieve the desired effect. The red lines illustrate how skin changes around the connector.

Step 10
Now! Practice it this time. Draw a seamless floral design, using a couple of lines emerging from the top of the flow to demonstrate that the gown folds.

Step 11
When we are done with the bottom of the dress we will need to put in the feet and legs. Follow the guidelines on your bar to make your feet. When you’re struggling with a tough to think of some ball-joint dolls and think about how feet look and move. I sketched an illustration near the leg.

Step 12
You can now draw lines on the sides of your dress to show where the fabric joins to flow behind the legs. This adds depth to your dress and makes it appear more than just a simple cardboard piece of taped over. You can finish your drawing using rounded squares that highlight her shoeline and eyebrows. You can also add the cute beanie she wears over her head.

Step 13
Once you’re done, erase any instructions that remain and tidy up any area that appears messy and you’re finished! Congratulations and enjoy coloring!

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