How to draw fantasy chibi characters

How to draw fantasy chibi characters

Step 1:

We will draw some shapes for the princess and unicorn. The third shape is the body of the unicorn. Also, draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Then, we will focus on their faces. Begin with the unicorn’s forehead. Next, draw the muzzle. Once you have completed this, draw the shape of the princess’s head and add the hair. The horn will also be drawn.

Step 3:

Add the bright eyes and chibi mouth to the princess’s drawing. Next, add some bold color to the lashes.

Step 4:

You can continue to draw the rest of the princess’s hairstyle. The hair should be parted, very loose or full of body. You can add strand details or lines to her hair, and then draw a leaf in it.

Step 5:

Now, you can start to make the unicorn’s mane. Make sure you match the style of the rider’s hair with the mane. Then add details to the mane, and finally draw the ears. For this unicorn, you will need to draw big, bold eyes and blush marks on your cheeks.

Step 6:

The horn should be defined before the rest of your mane.

Step 7:

Draw the clothes for your princess or rider. You can add a princess dress to her outfit now.

Step 8:

Completely draw the body of the unicorn. Include the legs, the body and the saddle. You should also add the lining to the hooves.

Step 9:

Now, let’s draw the tail of the unicorn and add details to complete this idea. You can also delete all guides and mistakes.

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