How To Draw Fairy Godmother

How To Draw Fairy Godmother

Step 1:

Create an oval-shaped circle for the head , and then make the guidelines for facial features.

Step 2:

The facial guidelines to bring in Godmother’s warm and friendly face. Begin with the eyebrows and then move to the eyes, as well as the nose. Then draw your mouth as well.

Step 3:

Draw your drawing in the shape of her face, and draw an upper lip line. She’s a large and cheerful woman, so make sure to show her in your drawing.

Step 4:

Lasly, draw her hood into the hood, and then her bangs or hair. The hood comes from her cloak and is extremely “full” looking. Then add some details and you’re completed. Make sure you clean up your drawing prior to coloring.

Step 5:

Here’s Fairy Godmother when finished. All she needs is some colour.

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