How To Draw Fairies Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Four Wheeler Step by Step

Step 1

This is not a step-by step drawing guide, but instead than a short description of the three kinds of ears that many fairytales are drawn. They are also utilized by elves, since both animals are alike in appearance. Of the three kinds of ears, you are able to choose the type of ear that you would like your fairy to wear for the characters you draw. Personally, I prefer the wispy ear at the center. I like how the ear’s tip is pulled out to form an angle that makes it appear graceful and subtle extended.

Step 2

There are three kinds of wings that I’ve shown here to demonstrate various choices you can make when drawing fantasy wings to your imagination self. For me, the initial one is my preferred because the membrane is more detailed The other wings indicate that the fairy has the wings, and is likely to be gorgeous. There are three sets of wing designs shown below to draw your preferred fairy.

Step 3

Begin by drawing the body frame following the poses and the positions from which the shapes are drawn. Also, you need to draw how the face is shaped. You can draw two fairies, or just one.

Step 4

Begin by drawing out their face shapes and then draw in shapes for their eyes mouth, nose, and eyes. The fairies on the left has hair drawn as you can see in the sketching step.

Step 5

Both fairies are represented at this point. Make sure you have the hairstyle that is perfect for the photo on the left side, and also for the picture that is on the left. You will then select the kind of ear you’d like to use in your fairy story. Once you’ve chosen your ears begin drawing the ears. The final thing to do is open the lid of the large headband she’s wearing.

Step 6

Completely sketching your hairstyles before beginning to draw over the upper part of your body, including the shoulders, neck, and arms. Once you’re done, you can sketch out the chest or breast region. Incorporate some details to each girl, and then proceed onto the next stage.

Step 7

Draw the arm designs on both of the shapes. After that, you can add decorations to the bodies of both. For example, the one on the left has socks on while the one on the right is wearing a necklace. Draw flowers that look like the bottom of a t-shirt for her, and draw the right-hand side of the fairy’s waist.

Step 8

It’s almost over. Before you can put together the outfit, you’ll have to sketch out the hat, ears, and the skirt the girls will be wearing. Once you’ve finished you can modify the face and add details to bots more. Then, you can begin drawing the wings , and be sure to pick the one you love the most. Make sure to take your time with this step since, as you’ve guessed, fairy’s wings can say a lot about their character.

Step 9

Once you’ve come to your final destination, all you have to do is sketch their feet and legs. The fairy in fancy dress is wearing the shoes of a pair that are smooth from the toe , and are laced tied over her legs. Draw her long ponytail like it appears here, and her hand cradling the collection bag. The other fairy is all you need to draw is the knee-high sock that resembles the shoes she wears and then draw the wings in detail by adding veins onto the wings’ membranes. Remove the lines and forms, and you’re all set to go.

Step 10

At the end of the day, your gorgeous animated fairies will look just like the fairies that you see here. Now you can choose the colors you would like to shade your characters. I hope that this lesson has been helpful. I had lots of fun drawing with you all today.

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