3DVKARTS.NET team will demonstrate how to draw eyes in the 3/4 view.

This tutorial is part of a series of eye drawing tutorials. We show you how to draw eyes from a variety of different angles.

Drawing eyes is an essential skill for any artist. For artists who wish to draw accurate portraits, this tutorial will show you how to draw eyes from the 3rd view.

Step 1

Begin by drawing a vertical line of harmony. This line runs through the middle of the face and then divides it into two sections. Draw a horizontal line running roughly through the middle of the eyes or the lacrimal caruncles.


Step 2

Next, draw the guidelines for the upper- and lower eyelids using very light strokes. Next, draw the eyebrow line at the top. These lines will help you draw the details accurately and maintain proportionality. You will notice that has a linear perspective.

As they become closer to us, the guidelines should be separated.



Step 3

Draw the outline of your eyes, nose, eyebrows, and forehead using very thin lines, following the instructions from the previous steps. The distance between the eyes should equal the width of your eyes. According to the rules of linear perspective, details closer should be bigger than those further away.

Step 4

Now, it’s time for the finer details. Give the eyes a more polished look by drawing them. Begin by carefully drawing the outline of your eyes. Next, draw the upper and lower eyelids. Remember to draw the outline for the lacrimal canal we see. You can verify the correctness and proportionality of your eye drawing by looking through a mirror.


Step 5

Smoothly draw the folds around your eyes. Next, draw the eyebrows as well as the bridge of your nose. Sketch the folds between your eyebrows to make the eyes appear lively and real. To avoid making mistakes or correcting them, make sure to compare the parts with one another.


Step 6

Take a pencil and erase all unnecessary lines. Be careful not to touch the important lines. Next, give you’re drawing a more vibrant look by making the closest lines darker and those further away lighter. This will give your eye drawing an illusion of volume and space.


Step 7

Now, it is time to draw your pupils. Draw the outline of the irises. The upper part of them is slightly covered by the eyelids. Next, draw your pupils carefully. You must ensure that the pupils are perfectly round. A mirror can be used to verify their proportionality and correctness.


Step 8

Now it is time to make the eyes really bright. You can do this by hatching shadows. To draw shadows beautifully and accurately, please refer to our article on shadows.


Step 9

Compare your drawing to the one that we have drawn. If you discover any errors, please correct them by going back to the original step.


These lines will indicate that you either drew the eyes or decided to scroll down to the end of the lesson. If you answered the first, we recommend that you continue to learn about the art of drawing eyes. It is fascinating. These lines are a good starting point. Once you’re comfortable drawing eyes, it’s time for you to master the art of consolidating your skills.

Use the tutorial to draw the eyes in the opposite direction. Next, draw other eyes. To make it more difficult for yourself, you can use a different lighting scheme.

The most important thing is to draw the whole head, including the eyes and any other facial features. Place all the parts of your face in the best proportions.

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