This drawing guide will show you how to draw eyes from scratch. This tutorial is useful for drawing portraits or practicing your eye-drawing skills. We have created a simple sequence to help artists learn how to draw their eyes.


Step 1

It is important to know where an object is located on paper before we begin drawing it. In this step, we will draw two intersecting lines. To indicate the symmetry between the eyes, a vertical line must be drawn. The horizontal line will indicate the boundaries of each eye.



Step 2

This was the most important step. You should review the actions taken in the previous step. Draw two arcs to represent the upper border of the eyes if you are sure there are no mistakes.

Step 3

We can now draw the lower boundaries of the eyes. These lines cross the horizontal line drawn in the first step. Use light lines and minimal pressure.

Step 4

In the previous steps, we have created an approximate silhouette for the eyes. We can now add details. This step will be used to draw the inner edge of the eyeball with smooth lines parallel to the lines drawn in the previous step.

Step 5

This step might seem simple because we are only drawing four circles. This step is crucial because the direction and nature of the gaze will depend on the location and shape of the pupils. The pupils must be placed above the horizontal line starting at the first step. To better understand these steps, you can view our anatomy of an eye video.

Step 6

We will draw the upper eyelid using an asymmetrical dashed line. You can also draw the natural folds of your skin using small light strokes. These strokes can be found near the outer and inner corners of your eyes.


Step 7

Now it’s time for us to erase all of the construction lines we have used in previous steps. Use bolder, more confident pencil strokes to draw the final lines. Now your drawing looks real and complete.


Try to draw the complete face, including eyes and any other details. Keep in mind our drawing guide’s steps each time you draw the eyes separately or the entire face. Remember that we always welcome comments on social media and directly below posts. This is a huge help in our work.

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