How to Draw Eyelashes with Pencil Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Hair Direction Planning Plan out what angle you have in your eyes to allow the appropriate quantity of curling agents to every lash. Utilizing an H-shaped pencil with a pointed tip, gently draw the side, front and/or 3/4 lash in the direction of forward. Utilize your mechanical 4B pencil to draw the strokes using a larger value. Keep in mind that the lower lashes are thinner , and hence lighter than the upper lashes. In the next steps, we will apply the paint to all of others of the lashes. It’s going to be so fun! !

Step 2

Make lashes into sections It’s your choice where you begin. I’m working starting from right to left. Make sure you use a clean piece of paper to put under your palm to ensure that you aren’t soiled when drawing. The lashes we draw must appear sharp and clean! Make use of an H pencil and draw thin eyes, so you can apply as a general rule. What we’re trying to accomplish here is create lashes that are moving from the opposite lash , or 3/4 of the eyelash to the front. This doesn’t have to be perfect The randomness makes the look more real.

Step 3

Add unique lashes Continue drawing more lashes. Some of them should overlap and play around with the length. Making lashes that are equal in length will appear fake.

Step 4

Spread the lashes. The lashes should be spread equally. The lashes appear sparse but don’t stress about it. We’ll complete the gaps in the future! Now, concentrate on the overall look that you’re making for the eyes you are changing the length or elevation of each eyelash. My lashes conform to the general form of the eyelid’s upper the crease. I love the way they look today. Therefore, I’ll keep it as this point and proceed to the next stage.

Step 5

A new layer of eyelashes aren’t just an uninteresting row. On the upper eyelid I’ve added an additional one below the lash line I’ve just drawn. Layering can make the appear more realistic and detailed.

Step 6

Add random lashes. Have fun! I’m! It’s a bit complicated and complicated, but what I did was to add extra hairs on top of the already existing hairs. Certain strokes are more curly while others may be thin and not visible (drawn using an HB pencil sharp enough to preserve their brightness).

Step 7

Apply some shadow if you’re happy with the number of lashes that you’ve drawn, now it’s time to shade. Why? Because eyelashes are naturally full of sparkle! Shaded my skin beneath the upper eyelash line as well as the skin below the lower lash line on the left side of my eyeball and the right side of the eyelid’s lower part. I also shaded the eyelash’s base on the lower cap to give it a an authentic and rough appearance.

Step 8

Details! Make sure to add some reflections. Reflections on the eyelashes and you’re finished! If you liked this video make sure to share it with acquaintances using the buttons below to share it. Do you think you’ve found the tutorial useful? Tell me which point helped you the most. I’d love to hear from you!

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