How to Draw Eyebrows on Paper Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Eyelashes with Pencil Step by Step

Step 1

Drawing your eyebrows with The H pencil you can use this shading process to outline the look you would like your eyebrows to be. If you employ this technique your contours will be perfectly blended when you draw actual hairs afterwards. Do not draw it in the manner of the picture below. It will be obvious in the final drawing, and it will be a real pain to erase!

Step 2

The initial row of hair will draw hairs in various directions. With a sharp pencil, begin by drawing an outline at the bottom . Then, move down the middle from right to left. Hairs are growing upwards and then begin to fall downward at the very end on the eyebrow.

Step 3

Create a second row now we can add another one or two rows. Make sure to draw the start of the eyebrow higher than the last.

Step 4

Create Unique Hairs Make tiny adjustments to the direction and amount of curvature of the hair. Join several hair strands to each other at the ends. I’m not planning to add hairs on either side of your eyebrow as I’m not sure if that is enough. I’ll be able to make a decision after drawing the upper portion of my eyebrows. How you style your eyebrows is entirely up to you, which means you are able to add the amount of hair you like.

Step 5

Darken the hairs of overlapping hairs. In this process I didn’t add additional hairs. I only look at the ones that are in close proximity and then apply the most sharp edge of my mechanical pencil 4B to darken the area. This makes men look more intriguing.

Step 6

Draw one light row of hair on the top. Time to draw the hair at the top. I typically draw the first row very thin or light and then increase the amount of darkness or thickness with the next rows. The ultimate aim is to create smooth transition from upwards to downwards hair.

Step 7

Blend hair strands together with the bottom rows. Add another couple of layers. As the ends of the hair are in contact with the hair that faces upwards allow your strokes to slowly merge together in the same direction.

Step 8

Filling in the Center When you paint on the middle of your eyebrows, you should concentrate on drawing your hairs to the point that appears the most like you. If you’ve used the shading technique to create creating your contour at step one you’ll notice that it blends nicely and you don’t have to erase it.

Step 9

Edit: If you spot any inconsistencies in values, or think you’d like a darker eyebrow or a more defined brow, you can use the sharp pencil of 4B to stroke through a few hairs and darken the overlap hairs. Or, you can choose hairs that would like to distinguish themselves from others. Make sure not to go overboard. It is difficult to erase lines that are thin. If you want to bleach your hair or reduce their weight make sure you pinch the eraser that you kneaded until it appears knife-sharp then apply it directly to your hair, allowing it to release the graphite layer.

Step 10

Applying Shine on Eyebrows Are you able to spot something that is different from the image of this process? I added shadows to my hair forest. If you have a light skin like mine, you can make use of a 2B pencil cover your entire eyebrow. Don’t apply too much pressure. In this stage, the eyebrows are still looking like glue to the face. This will be fixed at the following step.

Step 11

Make light shadows on the brows . That’s it! Last step! We’ve just added a few shadows within the boundaries between the eyebrows. Now , it’s time to draw the shadows over the outer edges. If the light source comes directly from the top (like mine) Draw your shadows below the eyebrows or the sides. The shadows should be subtle. Beware of sharp edges! If you are still sticky then use a sharp pencil to draw extremely delicate hairs around the sides and top.

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