How to draw Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco

How to draw Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco

Step 1:

Begin with Ernesto’s guides, shapes, and lines.

Step 2:

Next, draw Ernesto’s actual head and face. It should be square, prominent, and large. The hairstyle will need to be drawn too. It should be neatly combed and curled. You should also consider the nose, smirk, and chin indent.

Step 3:

Next, draw in the eyes. Make sure the sockets are drawn deep. The eyeballs should be drawn backwards.

Step 4:

Draw the arm and skeletal hands along with the rose he is sniffing and holding.

Step 5:

Now we will draw Ernesto’s suit. It starts with Ernesto’s shoulders, arms and hands. The scarf is neatly tucked in the jacket. To make the hands look like skeletal hands, detail them too.

Step 6:

You can now draw the exposed rib cage.

Step 7:

Next, his belt, buckle and pants. Detail the buckle with the design work in the pockets.

Step 8:

Finally, color his hair and sockets. The sombrero’s rim will be drawn in. You can then erase any mistakes that you may have made with the visible guides.

Step 9:

You should end up with a drawing that looks exactly like this one. Ernesto is available to color in, so get started.

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