How to Draw Eren Yeager From Attack on Titan -

How to Draw Eren Yeager From Attack on Titan

How to Draw Eren Yeager From Attack on Titan

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Make some basic shapes for a head and the torso. Draw out the facial contours and neck and body contours.

Step 2
Instead of drawing the face of Eren in the second step, we’ll draw the outline of his hairstyle , or the head’s shape. As you will see, his bangs are split instead of running straight along his forehead, like the majority of anime characters.

Step 3
We can now process the face by drawing the facial form. After that, you’ll create Eren’s eye, eyebrows, mouth and nose. Complete this step with drawing the neck, and many hairs.

Step 4
Here we’ll draw out the body’s outline as the jacket. Begin by drawing your jacket’s collar, and then draw around the shoulders and all the way down the back. Also, you’ll add flaps to the jacket and shoulder details.

Step 5
Continue the jacket drawing by drawing the sleeves. Create folds and folds in the sleeves. Draw pocket and patch. Don’t forget to include striped design to the bags.

Step 6
This is the stage in which you complete your drawing Eren Yeager. Create a collarline on his shirt, and then add folds and folds along the sides of his shirt, close to his waist. Draw the hips and waist and complete the look by adding the other details. Eliminate your mistakes and you’re finished.

Step 7
This is the line art of Eren Yeager. You can now color him.

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