How To Draw Eren Titan Step by Step -

How To Draw Eren Titan Step by Step

How To Draw Eren Titan Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw 6ix9ine

Step 1

Begin by making two forms that are to represent the head, and another for shoulders. Then you’ll draw the contours of your face and the jawbone’s contours.

Step 2

Let’s draw Titan’s face and his nose. I began by sketching the nose first, then moving onto the design of Titan’s upper jaw. It is important to take your time when drawing this as it is just a first stage of Erin’s Titan form. We will continue to sketch the eyes and the head. The nose is an equalizer to aid us to the proper execution of the other parts part of the facial structure.

Step 3

Then, we’ll draw the eyebrows to be placed next. Make sure the lines of support on the outside are longer than those that we have used for defining the facial features. Take note of the wrinkles that appear around the nose area must be drawn! This is what makes the angry look on his face appear more dramatic.

Step 4

Then comes the fun part! Let’s draw the design for the lower jaw within. Be patient with this process, as the form of this function is crucial. Be sure to outline the connected piece of skin.

Step 5

Then, you can complete the remainder of the task! With your guide sketch along the outline of the teeth. Move upwards along the contour of your hair. Be sure to draw the teeth individually in the correct order.

Step 6

I know, everything the pictures look depressing. But don’t fret! Let’s begin working little by little at the hair beginning at the end. Focus on the jagged and tapered lines to give you that sharp, razor-like effect that you will see in this stage. Make use of thin lines for defining the interior part of your hairstyle.

Step 7

The hairstyle is finished by lining the razor edged part.

Step 8

He looks great already! How do you draw? After we’ve arrived at the point of no return, let’s get to the most difficult portions of this lesson. It’s true that the neck appears quite complex, but once you’ve worked at every aspect, you’ll see that it’s not as bad. The first step is to outline the neck’s outline and shoulder muscles. After that, draw the outline of the collarbone. Because we sketched the basic forms first, we can draw the lines that connect the neckline with the collarbone.

Step 9

Then, draw the forms of the muscles prior to delineating them. It is essential to draw basic shapes prior to delineating the muscles.

Step 10

It’s not necessary to draw your drawing with markers when you’ve finished reviewing it, you’ll see something like this. I suggest using black markers or ballpoint pen for drawing (if your budget isn’t too high). If you have enough money to afford Prisma color markers and Micron pens then, of course, take advantage of it! Squid is a long process that requires lots time to learn. Even if I’m still not the level I’d like to achieve when it comes to ink. Hope you enjoy this tutorial; I had a blast making it. If you have any suggestions, Please let me know. I am willing to discuss anything and everything through all mails and messages. Thank you for your time and keep secure!

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