How To Draw Ender Dragon Step by Step -

How To Draw Ender Dragon Step by Step

How To Draw Ender Dragon Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Realistic Elsa Drawing Step by Step with Pencil

Step 1

The first thing we’ll create is an outline of the box that will be used to represent the head of this dragon.

Step 2

Then, transform the square into an empty box.

Step 3

Create your Ender Dragon’s muzzle with a box-like style.

Step 4

We will now sketch the eyes first, nostrils and the ears. It is evident that, the ears are round.

Step 5

Then, sketch Ender Dragon’s neck so that it is lengthening and not overly thin. After that, you are able to put some spikes on the neck’s back.

Step 6

Then create a line to make the neck’s base Then draw the shoulders and a few front legs.

Step 7

Begin by creating the domed shape. Once you’ve completed this you can move to step eight.

Step 8

After drawing one of the arched wings, it is possible to include the backbone in pieces to keep the wing. They are also the hands of the wings of dragons.

Step 9

Find the bones or fingers on the wings to provide them with shape and structure.

Step 10

Include more information to the bones of the wing.

Step 11

Then, you can cover the wings in an e-like pattern. The wings’ base will become part of the rear Ender Dragon.

Step 12

The next step is drawing the next line and then the tail. Include a spike at the end.

Step 13

This is where you’ll only need to put more spikes on into the Ender Dragon’s tail.

Step 14

Define the tail in this way to make it more dimensional.

Step 15

Let’s begin by drawing additional body parts. If drawing stomach then draw the forefoot or foot like the stomach.

Step 16

The hind leg should be drawn in a round way. It is also necessary to draw feet. The characters, animals and creatures in Minecraft are designed to appear like LEGO characters.

Step 17

The work is almost done, folks. The body is now complete. to create your Ender Dragon look blocky. Be sure to identify legs, back and feet.

Step 18

Include large, sharp claws on each paw, and remember to spend time making sure they appear thick and realistic.

Step 19

In the last drawing step All you need be doing is trace a definition, to the shoulder that is over the knee. Once you’re finished I’m sure that there will be many bugs to get rid of.

Step 20

This is what your drawing will look like after you’re finished. Then, you can colour Ender Dragon black and eyes that are green.

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