Hello everybody. In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach the viewers the art of drawing Emma Frost. The character is part of Marvel’s Marvel Universe. It was created by artist Chris Clairmont and artist/writer John Burne, she made her debut in issue No. 129 Uncanny X-Men (January 1980).

Step 1
At first, we’ll need to sketch a base, the skeleton of our character to avoid any mistakes in proportions later on. The first sketch is Emma Frost’s head, which is in the shape of an oval. Then draw out the spine and neck as an ordinary line. In the upper section of this line, draw the thorax cells as well. In the lower portion trace out the pelvis. With the aid of simple lines draw out the legs and arms.

Step 2
Let’s look at the volume of the face of Emma Frost. However, at the beginning sketch two lines that connect at the center of the facial features. Then, using the aid of a cylinder, sketch out the neck. Below, outline the torso which narrows around the waist and increases in the hips. Then, draw the legs and hips that gradually taper towards the knees. Draw out your arms as well as hands.

using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
Let’s now add the most fundamental details. We will begin at the beginning at the top and then move down. First sketch out the lines of beautiful hair. Then sketch out the facial highlights (in it, the Vertical and Horizontal lines drawn in previous steps will aid us). By smoothing out the lines, we sketch the outlines of clothing, as well as a cape in the back.

Step 4
Let’s get to the last few details. Long, slightly curly lines make your hair like Emma Frost. Next, draw the face and draw the eyes. Over the eyes, draw out the delicate eyebrows. underneath the eyes draw out a clean face and plump lips. Don’t forget to remove all lines that run across the face.

Step 5
Now let’s look at the specifics of the body. Utilizing dark and clear lines, carefully trace the neck. Next, draw the outline of the body. Draw clothing without forgetting to draw the contours of the curves of the figure beneath the clothing. Sketch seams on clothes and the line that connects abdominal muscles.

Step 6
The lesson continues with drawing Emma Frost from the Marvel universe. This time we will focus on the lines for the arms. Always use black and white lines you will have to draw those lines that define the arm. Draw out the fingers, hands, and folds of the fabric. Additionally, we’ll have to remove any unnecessary instructions from the arms.

Step 7
Let’s focus on the lower portion of the frame and the lower part of Emma Frost. In keeping with the form of the body, slowly draw the hips out that flow smoothly into the legs before moving into the feet. Then create lines of folds, seams, and folds. Then, take away all guidelines that are unnecessary for the body. In the same way with long lines, make the cape.

Step 8
We will now work with shadows. In this case, we’ll use light hatching to create shadows. However, don’t forget to add shadows like in the video lesson on Iron Man, that is by using dark and contrasting regions of shadows. From top to bottom, we’ll draw shadows with a light hatching.

The lesson was about drawing Emma Frost from the Marvel universe. At the end of the day, we always try to offer some suggestions. If you can draw this drawing with no difficulty Then you must master the art of drawing this person in various postures. To accomplish this, you start by drawing the character by tracing comic pages or by using images from websites.


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