How To Draw Elvis Presley Step by Step -

How To Draw Elvis Presley Step by Step

How To Draw Elvis Presley Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw A Doberman Dog Step by Step

Step 1

Draw the outline of a large egg to be his head. Next, draw the guidelines for the faceDraw a line to his neck.

Step 2

Here are some details about Elvis. Begin by drawing Elvis’ famous hairstyle. Start at his temples and work your way down. To make your hair look natural, stroke the straighter strands until they are shorter than the rest. Draw a contour for your hair on the left side. Now, outline his bushy eyebrows. Next, draw a beautiful structure to his face. Start at the left below his eyebrows. Continue working your way down until you reach the top of his face. All done. Draw the beautiful full lip line in pencil as shown. Next, draw the lining of his jacket and jawline.

Step 3

This is the third step. You will outline the actual hair within the eyebrow shape you created in step 2. Next, you will need to draw the shape of Elvis’ almond eyes and his eyeballs. You can draw the lines for Elvis’ puffy eyes to highlight this feature. This will be done for the right and left eyes. Start by drawing the contour of his broad nose. Next, outline his lips and curve his chin.

Step 4

You will spend a lot time drawing your hair. This can be done with soft lines that curl slightly inward, depending on the location. Once you have done this, draw the three wrinkles on his forehead. Then, shade in the eyeballs with a series of soft lines and give him long lashes. To contour his left eye and outline his lower lip, blend lightly. Move on to the next step by starting on the right side.

Step 5

Before shading any of the images, erase all principles that you have drawn in step 1. In this final drawing, you will begin to shade. You may recall that you only sketched one part of the hair in the previous step. This is because you will be shading the rest. Shade the darkest areas of your hair with bold lines. However, the lines should be pointed towards the ends and not too thick. Shade the distal end of the right jaw and one side of your head. Lighten the color of the jacket and the neck.

Step 6

This is how your final sketch should look when you are done. It can be colored or left as is. Both look great. This tutorial will show you how to draw Elvis Presley step-by-step.

Step 7

This step will demonstrate how to create a beautiful shadow effect. Adobe Photoshop software is required. This only applies to that program. You can skip this step if you don’t already have it. Take out your recorder. It is given a reasonable size by the property. The area that needs to be shaded will determine the size. The setting of the image will determine the size of your burn brush. This will allow you to easily control the drop shadow.

Step 8

This is where we begin the shading process. You only need to apply a second coat of paint six inches above the stain. Next, apply a second layer of shadow to that color. Make it four inches higher than the black point. Finish by applying a third coat of color to the second shade. This should be extremely dark. It looks great, as you can see. I hope you enjoyed this step!

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