How to Draw Elmo

This lesson will teach you how to draw Elmo, a character from Sesame Street.

We showed you how to draw Cookie Monster, another character from the famous TV series. Both of these characters can be drawn almost in the same manner. The only visual difference between Elmo and Cookie Monster is the color of Cookie Monster.


How to draw Elmo

Step 1: Sketch the Head and Torso

Let’s begin the lesson about drawing Elmo. Draw his head and body in the shape of a circle or oval.




Step 2 – Draw your eyes

Two circles are enough to draw the outline of the eyes. Next, draw two circles around the eyes to create the pupils.




Step 3: Draw Elmo’s Mouth and Nose

Draw the nose. The nose should be between your eyes. Next, draw a few lines just below the smiley mouth.




Step 4 – Draw the furry head texture

You can give your head a fluffy appearance by using a lot of very short lines along the line we made in the first step.




Step 5 – Draw your arms

Draw the arms using the same lines. Keep your Elmo drawing aside from you at all times. You can also look in the mirror to check for any errors.




Step 6 – Draw your hands

You can also draw the fingers and palms by using very few lines. Elmo, like all children’s TV programs, has four fingers.




Step 7 – Draw your legs

Draw a furry texture for the torso. Next, draw the legs. These are drawn in the same manner as the arms were in the previous step.




Step 8 – Draw your Feet

Now, draw Elmo’s big, fluffy feet. These look more like house slippers.




Step 9 – Delete the Guidelines

You can remove all construction lines to give your Elmo drawing a more polished look. To give your drawing a cartoonish look, you can darken the lines.




Step 10 – Color your Elmo Drawing

Red for the body, and yellow for your nose. Add shadows to give your Elmo drawing more volume.




Remember that Elmo is not the only furry character on Sesame Street. There are many similar furry characters. Because all of these characters share a common structure, you can easily draw them all with the steps in this drawing lesson.


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