The world of myths from ancient Greece is fascinating and diverse as it tells stories about different villains and heroes. We’ve already written many lessons on numerous characters from early Greek mythology. In this lesson, we have decided to expand on this theme and develop a lesson on drawing Echidna which is a massive serpent female.

Step 1
As you can observe, Echidna combines the features of both a human and a snake. So, we sketch the head shape in the form of an oval, the neckline that runs into the spine, and finally through the tail. Sketch out the form of arms and chest.

Step 2
Draw two lines around the head, and then draw in the details on the head. Then, draw the outline of the torso. It flows effortlessly into that long tail of snakes. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, sketch the outline of arms.

Step 3
Let’s add some particulars about this body Echidna. Draw out the curly hair that is a long weapon to hand that is similar to a spear and a second weapon on the opposite hand like an elongated rope that has a large weight towards the top.

Step 4
It is now time to draw the final details using the aid of dark and clear lines. Utilizing the intersecting lines of our previous step, draw the eyebrows and eyes. The eyebrows are just above your eyes. Then draw the lips and the nose. This step is completed by drawing hair that is lush.

Step 5
Let’s lower our steps and then work on the body of Echidna. By using smooth and clear lines, meticulously draw the body’s shape and all the curves shown in our illustration. Make sure to erase any unnecessary guidelines and draw the details of your costume.

Step 6
In this stage, we’ll draw arms. Draw the outline of arms that are thin and weapons with hands. After the step, draw out the decoration for the arms of Echidna.

Step 7
The easiest step of the course is drawing Echidna. In this case, we have to draw the long snake’s tail with the aid of dark and smooth lines, and then erase the remaining guidelines from the image.

Step 8
The design of Echidna is close to being complete and all that is left is for us to modify it to make it more real. By using conventional hatching, create shadows over areas that aren’t lit such as in our illustration.

Echidna is among the most popular monsters in the mythology of ancient Greece. Don’t ignore that on our site there are many fascinating characters from the myths of ancient Greece along with other ancient civilizations.

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