How To Draw Eazy E Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Step 1

To draw Eazy-E we must begin by drawing some basic lines of construction. Utilize a 2H pencil, or a more difficult pencil and draw lightly , so that the lines can be easily erased after we have inked. Draw out the basic shapes of the neck, head and shoulders. This is an angle of 3/4, which means we shouldn’t have him facing us directly. Be sure to draw diagonal lines of construction to define the middle of the face eye, nose, and mouth. The person will be holding two pistols on the chest. Draw simple hand-shaped shapes on his chest. Also, sketch out the basic rectangular designs for the gun.

Step 2
Typically, I suggest beginning by focusing on eye first. However, we’ll be making him wear glasses So it’s best to begin by drawing the nose. With the center vertical line of construction as a reference and draw the nose upwards. The person must have a round nose with broad nostrils.

Step 3
Then, draw the lip line to your nose’s bridge. The lower lip and the upper lip are roughly the same in thickness. Be sure to draw lots of tiny creases on your lips. There should also be an indentation on the upper lip as well as an crease in the chin below that lower lip.

Step 4
Draw the contours of his face as well as his jawline. He has a very smooth jawline that curves upwards in the back.

Step 5
Draw the left ear to the high above the jaw line. From this point, the top of the ear must align with the bottom of your nose. Its top lies located on the line of construction for the eye.

Step 6
Let’s draw the sunglasses! Be patient and ensure that both lenses have the same size and shape. Be sure to draw the curving nose towards the middle. The frames’ arms must be facing towards to the back of the head, resting on the ears.

Step 7
To add interest Paint the man with the Chicago White Sox baseball cap. From this angle, we are able to clearly see a huge part of the lower portion on the bill. Its “Sox” logo must be drawn diagonally in Old English font. Additionally, draw the edge of his forehead just below the cap’s edge.

Step 8
His neck is quite hefty. The back of his neck starts just behind his earlobes. The front of the neck begins in face of his chin.

Step 9
Then draw your hair around his head and face. For the hair on the top of his head, you ought to be able to glimpse a little hair that is on the sides of his temple protruding under the baseball cap. It should have long curly curls that are positioned at the nape of his neck and the curly ends angled in various directions. In terms of facial hair, the person must have a thin beard just over his upper lip and a small beard under his cheeks.

Step 10
Start working before you strip him. Bend the left arm in a way that the forearm faces up diagonally. Fingers should be tightly locked as he is in the position of holding the weapon. Make sure you pull the fingers.

Step 11
Draw the right hand bent to the reverse however, it is below the left arm. From this angle, we’ll be in a position to see more fingers than on the opposite arm, and especially the index finger of the right hand that is bent above the trigger. Other fingers are likely to be bent lower so we won’t be able to see them fully. Make sure to draw tiny wrinkles on his knuckles and don’t forget to put his fingernails on.

Step 12
Now , we are able to take out our guns! You should have the same guns in both hands. Utilize a ruler to help in drawing straight lines. Imagine guns in the shape of oblong cubes , with accessories such as hammers, scopes, as well as trigger guards.

Step 13
We can complete our pencil with a sketch of his shirt. He may wear a button-down shirt with a collar folded. There ought to be numerous folds and wrinkles on the shirt, flowing across the different directions since the arm is bent. Take a few buttons from the middle in the shirt.

Step 14
After we’ve completed penciling the design, we’re able to paint it. Make use of an Micron marker, or an Indian marker with ink to ink. Be sure to traverse each line with perseverance and be sure not to scratch any instructions. It is recommended to use the Mirror with the aid of an ruler to create an ink cartridge for your gun. When the ink is dry, you can erase the pencil marks using an eraser that has been kneaded.

Step 15
You can enhance the perception of depth in the image through creating shadows or darkening specific areas. Make use of a stomach pen marker with ink for doing the same. Set the light source, then draw black on the other part of the form. Make sure to color the cap black, with the exception of the Sox logo and a small white streak along the side of the bill. Paint the hair in black. Cover the sunglasses with a layer of paint, however leave a few white streaks to reflect. Shade around the creases the shirt.

Step 16
If you want to alter your images, you can use White ink and white paint. It can also be used to add accents if you want for example, on sunglasses. That’s the way to draw Eazy-E you know!

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