Games based on Mario are among the most played on Earth In the previous lesson, we sketched the main character from the game – Mario. In this lesson, we’ll teach you ways to draw Yoshi One of the more well-known and intriguing, and cute characters from the games that revolve around Mario.

Step 1
With the aid of lines that light up, draw the outline of Yoshi’s head. Make sure to copy all the lines as shown in our illustration.

Step 2
An extremely simple step This is drawing the part of the torso of our Yoshi that appears to be dropping. As you will see, it’s very easy.

Step 3
Sketch the legs and arms of our Yoshi as illustrated in the image below. Beginning with our next stage, we’ll employ dark and clear lines.

Step 4
Then, draw large pupils and eyes inside. Utilize hatching to paint pupils. Also, keep in mind that the eyes located in the center must be linked.

Step 5
With clear and dark lines, draw an outline for the head using dark and clear lines. Make sure to draw the same parts of the face, as in our illustration.

Step 6
Go to the torso, draw the back as well as an outer shell, and an upper tail line. Don’t forget that you must draw clean as well as dark-colored lines.

Step 7
Draw away the neck as well as the arms from our Yoshi with clenched fists. If everything went as planned and you are satisfied, proceed to the final step.

Step 8
The lesson concludes with drawing the character of Yoshi with a drawing of big sneakers. As you can observe, it was incredibly easy.

We are awestruck by games, and we love both the latest modern ones and those that are classics in the world, like Mario or Megaman. If you’re looking to learn how to draw various characters from various games, you can check out the category titled “Games” on our website. Please share our drawing lessons with us, it can greatly assist us.

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