Hello everyone! Welcome to the drawing tutorial about how to draw Wolverine in X-Men. We already know a few lessons about the charismatic character of X-Men – classical Wolverine, the original Wolverine (yes the differences are greater at first glance), and Lego Wolverine.

Step 1
His skeleton is the main support structure of a human being. The skeleton of the wolverine is covered in a layer made of adamantium, the hardest metal in Marvel’s universe. His skeleton is not different from that of an ordinary person. We will now sketch the skeleton and continue.

Step 2
You will see that this step has many lines and shapes. It is easy to get lost. Don’t be alarmed, it is actually quite simple. We only need to calculate the volume of each body part using regular geometric shapes. It is best to draw from the top, as Wolverine is shown here standing straight. But, you can also choose another pose.

Step 3
We will now draw the ears (or horns) of the Wolverine suit. These look a lot like the horns on Batman’s costume. If you’d like to know more, check out the lesson on drawing Wolverine’s head.

Step 4
Continue drawing Wolverine’s head. You won’t find any new information if you have already read the lesson about the head wolverine. Draw Wolverine’s eyes and his mouth. You can also add lines to the cheekbones.

Step 5
This is the end of drawing Wolverine’s head. Remove all lines and strokes that were left over from the previous step before we begin to draw the head. Draw wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth.

Step 6
Now we can move on to the body. Draw the neck and draw the lines for the muscles. Circle the lines of your torso and erase the lines from the “spine”. Sketch the lines of the abdominal muscles and the pectoral muscles. Draw a belt at the same time (notice that many costumes have an X-Men sign in the middle of the belt).

Step 7
We continue drawing Wolverine, and then we move to the arms. The muscles of the arms are the deltoids, triceps, and forearm muscles. Keep going along the line that runs from the chest to the deltoids. Draw the lines for the gloves. Next, draw the claws of Wolverine. Draw your claws with long, sharp claws.

Step 8
We keep drawing Wolverine. Draw Wolverine shorts. Why do superheroes wear shorts instead of pants? Move to the feet. Draw the legs carefully, drawing lines for muscles such as quadriceps or calf muscles. You can draw very unusual and unique boots for wolverines that look very similar to his mask.

Step 9
This concludes the lesson How to Draw Wolverine From X-Men. Because we are drawing shadows, the last steps of all lessons on superheroes are similar. We first draw the shadows, then we paint the shadows.

We love comics and have many lessons to help you draw them. Don’t forget lessons on The Amazing Spider-Man Superman Thor, and The Incredible Hulk.

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