We hope you are all well, and this time we’ve chosen to include in our lessons some primitive horror and mysticism, and create a guide on drawing werewolves. Let’s begin the lesson!

Step 1
Begin by drawing the figure of a stickman, a human comprised out of circles and lines. With an oval, sketch the outline of the head. By drawing lines, you can draw the lines for the hands, spine, and legs. Use smooth and soft lines to sketch the beginning steps. It is important to note that werewolf proportions are not much unlike human proportions (for instance, described in the lesson drawing the figure of a doctor).

Step 2
In this stage, we begin building up the volume of the werewolf. However, first, we need to draw the lines of facial symmetry. The vertical lines are drawn that will show us the face’s center. A horizontally long line can help us create the eyes. Below that line, draw two lines, one to draw the mouth and nose. With triangles, draw the ears high up on the skull. With ovals, draw the elbows and shoulders. With cylinders, draw the arms. Draw the outline of the hands

As in our example as in our example. Then, move on to the next stage.

Step 3
In this part of the course on drawing werewolves, we will increase the volume of the legs. By drawing cylinders, draw the legs and the shins. Be aware that the lengths of legs and shins are equal. With circles, sketch the knees. Draw the feet in the image below. The general shape that represents the werewolf’s body is already drawn, in onward, we’ll begin to add details.

Step 4
In this section of the instructional on drawing a werewolf, you will sketch the ominous and terrifying face. By drawing the horizontal lines of facial symmetry, create the eyes. Make sure that your eyes must be narrow and small. Below the eyes, draw the nose in the form that of the letters “T”. Draw an unnaturally large beastly mouth. By using short strokes, draw hairs around the face.

Step 5
This is the time to sketch the details of the face and body of the werewolf. By using two thick, curving lines, draw the eyebrows over the eyes. Create wrinkles on the face, which makes the face appear more sinister and terrifying. Draw the triangular teeth inside the mouth as shown in our illustration.

Step 6
In this stage, we draw the hair of the werewolf. With lines of various dimensions, draw the shape of the hair. Hairlines should be in close proximity to each to be able to draw each other. Don’t forget that the lines of hair must run from the root up to the ends. Draw the lines of the ears in the example below, then proceed to the following step.

Step 7
This step is quite simple. In this stage, we trace the lines that define the upper torso. By using two long and curving lines, draw the pectoral muscles. Draw the line of the slim belly in the image below. Include a few more hairs and place them on my shoulder.

Step 8
As a final step in the instruction on drawing werewolves, We will draw the hands. The hands should be thin and supple. The hands must be like humans but are longer and more disproportionate. The muscles on the hand should be drawn in the illustration below. Hair is added to hands. Draw the long fingers as well as the knuckles.

Step 9
Remove the guidelines from the legs. The lines should be drawn on the back of your thighs as well as the shins. Draw the knees in the image below. By drawing short lines, draw hairs over the shins. Draw the feet like the image below. Draw the joints between the feet as well as the long toes.

Step 10
This is the next step in the tutorial on drawing werewolves, we will include shadows. The first step is to determine the light source comes from. In this case, the light is coming at the highest point. Make shadows by using the light source and with loose hatching. In the darkest parts, you can add another shade.

This was a drawing lesson on how to draw a werewolf step-by-step. If you found this tutorial interesting and helpful for you, then follow us on social media networks. Visit for new drawing lessons, goodbye!


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