In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw an easy Twilight Sparkle. This lesson will be especially interesting for those who like to draw cartoon characters. This drawing lesson is not difficult, but we break it down into a large number of steps to make it easier to understand the drawing process.

So, let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw easy Twilight Sparkle.

Step 1

First sketch out the head of Twilight Sparkle using a simple circle. Then sketch out the lines of symmetry of the face. The lines of the first steps should be as light as possible.

Step 2

Now draw Twilight Sparkle’s torso using a small oval just below the head. This oval should look like a small pancake

Step 3

Now draw Twilight Sparkle’s neck using two short and curved lines. The neck should connect the head and torso. The neck should extend closer to the body of the pony.

Step 4

Draw the front pair of legs of the pony. The leg closest to us consists of one oval, and the leg that is located further away consists of two ovals.

Step 5

Now sketch out the pony’s hind leg and eyes. Everything is very simple – the leg is very similar to the front legs, and the eyes look like ordinary ovals.

Step 6

Draw the pupils that look like simple small ovals within larger ovals. By changing the position of the pupils within the eyes, you can change the direction of the pony’s gaze.

Step 7

Draw highlights in the pupils as shown in our example. By the way, we are in the middle of the tutorial on how to draw a Twilight Sparkle.

Step 8

Draw Twilight Sparkle’s bangs and the visible ear. The line of the bangs should be very smooth. Don’t forget to draw a small, short line of the ear cartilage.

Step 9

Now draw the horn in the middle of the forehead and add details to the bangs. It is very important to repeat the pattern as in our example.

Step 10

Using curved lines draw the mouth and nose. Draw the nostrils and eyelashes. The sketch slowly but surely turns into a Twilight Sparkle drawing.

Step 11

Erase the guidelines from the head and draw the mane. By the way, you can gradually begin to trace your drawing with ink, felt-tip pen, or liner.

Step 12

Now using clear and dark lines trace the limbs to give them a more angular look. Next, draw the second hind leg, following the shape of the rest of the legs.

Step 13

Erase any remaining guidelines from the Twilight Sparkle drawing. After that. draw the tail with long and curved lines. Next, draw the lines on the tail, following the example of how you drew the lines on the bangs.

Step 14

Draw a star like in our example. Check your drawing and compare it with ours. Find mistakes and fix them. If they are not there, then start coloring the pony.

Step 15

You can leave the pony drawing in black and white or paint it, as in our example. You can paint the picture with crayons, paints, or markers. How to Draw Twilight Sparkle

This was a drawing instruction on how to easily draw a Twilight Sparkle. Do you like this animated series? If so, what characters from My Little Pony would you like to see on the pages of

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