This lesson will show you how to draw a TV. Today we’ll show you how to draw flat-screen TVs, but you can also draw old TVs using this tutorial.

Step 1
Draw a rectangle-shaped screen. In this example, one side of the rectangle appears larger from perspective.

Step 2
Now draw the edges of your TV. The edge closest to us appears a little larger. Our TV looks more like a tablet at this stage. phone, or is it?

Step 3
Draw the logo and leg at the bottom.

Step 4
Use light hatching to add shadows to the TV. You can also create a glare by using a few strokes.

The lesson How to Draw a TV has ended. Recall that although we have shown you how to draw a TV with a flat-screen, you can also use our drawing lesson to draw any other type of TV. Subscribe to to receive new drawing lessons. Share this lesson with your friends and leave comments.

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