How to Draw Turkey Easy

Wow , Today we are drawing drawing a Turkey. This is So cute Bird. I like it . This is easy to draw. Now we start this drawing you can see how we can draw this turkey image with like 3d image.

Turkey is the best drawing for child or beginners. If you want to draw like me then follow me and try with me step to step. IF you does not follow me then you can’t understand that how we draw a Turkey.

We can use pencil and paper for this drawing. This is to much easy let me start NOW!

Step One:  In this  Step we make a circle like human leg. This is not tough you can create easy. Let do it

How to Draw Turkey 1st step

2nd Step:  Wow this Step is too easy. You can see that how i created in 30 Sec. try to do this.

How to Draw Turkey 2nd step

3rd Step:  

How to Draw Turkey 3rd step

4th Step: 

How to Draw Turkey 4th step

5th Step: 

How to Draw Turkey 5th step

6th Step:

How to Draw Turkey 6th step

Final Step: 

How to Draw Turkey final Step


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