Today, we will present an updated drawing tutorial. It’s very easy to follow since we will show the art of drawing an enchanting Treasure chest.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the regular parallelogram, that is, a form of art with opposite sides that are parallel. If you are able to draw the lines, do it without using a ruler. For drawing perfectly straight lines, you can use a ruler, however, in case you’re looking to master drawing like a professional artist, you should try drawing without using a ruler.

Step 2
Draw a second parallelogram that is the same size in relation to the one. It should be placed exactly as we did in our example and you’ll get the effect of 3D. We have chosen the most unusual method of learning to draw an image of a treasure chest.

Step 3
Then draw a few new lines that join these two parallelepipeds. This will result in the appearance of a transparent box. Your treasure chest sketch will look more like an opaque cube by this point.

Step 4
Follow the drawing instructions on drawing the treasure chest. Draw the lid that the treasure chest. The cover is made up of semi-oval and parallelepiped.

Step 5
Eliminate the additional guidelines. Draw a second semi-oval (smaller in size) on the opposite face of the cover. The chest should be circled with clear, precise lines. Remember to sketch the plethora of coins in the chest.

Step 6
Draw the sides of your chest. Draw the lines of the boards. Also, in the same way, draw clips of metal at each corner of the chest. Finally, take any unnecessary lines out of the sketch.

Step 7
We’ve reached the final part of the guideline on drawing the treasure chest. Draw the coin’s ovals. Draw the nails with rounded edges. In order to give the desired look for the chest draw a pattern of wood, similar to the illustration.

How do you draw the perfect treasure chest? You now have the skills to draw one! Keep an eye on the news, and subscribe to our YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook pages to quickly find out about the latest lessons on

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