Welcome to Hello, dear readers! In this drawing class, we’ll teach the drawing process of the pony in the movie “My Little Pony”. She’s interested in fashion, and design, and is always the center of the attention of everyone around her. Alongside Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and others She is the primary protagonist of the show however, she is clearly distinguished through her creativity and design. Let’s begin with the lesson and discover how to sketch Rarity!

Step 1
The first step is to draw a circle that serves to serve as a reference for the head.

Step 2
Under the circle of the previous step, draw an oval. It is the part of the torso of Rarity.

Step 3
Then, using two curving lines, join the head to the body of Rarity.

Step 4
With elongated ovals, sketch out the limbs and limbs of the pony in our illustration.

Step 5
Draw lines that show facial symmetry. The vertical line will show us the face’s center, and the horizontal line will assist us to draw the eyes.

Step 6
Continue drawing lessons about drawing Rarity step-by-step. Utilizing those lines that define facial harmony draw the nose and eyes as shown in the example below,

Step 7
By drawing two curved lines, draw the eyelids that are half closed. Draw the pupils in the eyes.

Step 8
Make a mouth with a horn, the horn, and the ear, just as in the illustration below.

Step 9
In this stage of the tutorial on drawing Rarity, you just need to draw hair by using a few curving lines.

Step 10
Continue drawing pony. Remove the lines from the earlier steps. Make sure to circle the lines so that you can ensure they are smooth and tidy.

Step 11
Draw the pupils. Draw the mane with curving lines. Draw the leg, which is in the middle of all.

Step 12
Continue drawing My Little Pony. Remove the rules off the back of Rarity. Mark the lines shown in the example.

Step 13
The tail is similar to the tape used to wrap gifts.

Step 14
Draw three diamonds along the hips of Rarity. By using long, smooth lines trace the texture of the tail and hair of the horse.

The lesson was drawing on drawing Rarity in My Little Pony. If this video tutorial is interesting to you, then sign on to the site’s Google + and other social networks. Stay tuned and watch for more drawing lessons!

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