In this drawing class, the team 3dvkarts will show you how to draw Thanos from the Marvel Universe. The charismatic and powerful villain was not just in comics but also in many films and games and will soon appear on our website.

Step 1
Thanos is a huge and strong body that we’ll try to portray. Sketch out ahead as well as the backbone in a line that we then sketch an expansive pelvis and thorax. By using basic lines we sketch the legs and arms. The lines drawn on the initial steps should be thin so that, in the future, we can erase the lines.

Step 2
We will now add a volume of the body. Begin by drawing two lines that intersect across the body. Then, sketch the neck and the broad body of Thanos. With simple geometric shapes draw out the legs and arms. Keep in mind that the body needs to be extremely wide and strong.

Step 3
In this first step, we’ll begin drawing the particulars. First, draw sinister eyes using eyes that are frowning. Next, draw a small and broad nose. The mouth is widening in an ominous smile. Utilize the lines that intersect from earlier steps to sketch the specifics of the face.

Step 4
Continue drawing the specifics on the face of Thanos. Draw out the form of the cheekbones as well as the wide jawline. Draw the distinctive vertical lines that define the cheeks. Then, meticulously draw the lines of the details of the headdress as we did in our illustration.

Step 5
It is perhaps the most straightforward step in the course on drawing Thanos. We draw the outline of the collar and the costume part that is worn over your shoulders. lovable villain.

Step 6
Let’s lower our gaze and draw the body of Thanos. We draw the pectoral muscles with wide stretches and the outline of the torso as well as an abdominal line. We also have to sketch the edge that is the highest part of the belt as well as the vertical line that runs across the chest.

Step 7
This process will be extremely complicated as it will be filled with lines and various details. Draw large, rounded lines of the deltoid muscle. Next, draw out the biceps, as well as the visible part of the triceps. Draw gloves with care and make huge hands of Thanos. Try to repeat the details of the fists in the image below.

Step 8
The next step is drawing Thanos. This part is extremely simple. In it, we’ll draw the lower portion of the body. Draw the rest of the outline of the belt as well as the portion which covers the pelvis region.

Step 9
We now move towards the legs of Thanos. We need to sketch out the outline of the many strong muscles in the legs as well as robust knee joints. It is crucial not to be confused about the location of the muscles in the legs.

Step 10
Then we go down to draw large boots. They should be extremely broad in the middle. On the boots, do not neglect to draw the needed folds. Don’t forget to erase any remaining lines from The Thanos drawing.

Step 11
Thanos’s sketch is close to being finished We need to finish the final details that are shadows. The first step is to draw the outline of the shadows. We then paint them contrasting black. To create light shadows, employ contrast and dense hatching. This is the way classic cartoon shadows look.

Thanos has first introduced quite a while long ago and, to this day is among the most fascinating and well-known superheroes from the Marvel Universe. Remember that on our website there are drawing tutorials on every popular supervillain and superhero from DC and DC, so visit and learn how to draw like a . Additionally, join us on social media to keep up to date with the latest news on our site.

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