We’re very fond of the concept of comic book characters, so we created lots of supervillains and superheroes. A while ago we noticed that on our website, we had Superman however, we don’t have Supergirl So today, we made a decision to rectify this unfairness. So let’s dive into the lesson on drawing Supergirl.

Step 1
The first thing to draw is the outline of the character’s skeleton. Starting with the head and outlining it in the shape of an oval is the most common. Then trace a line along the spine. Then, we draw out the pelvis and chest. By using simple lines, we outline the legs and arms. These lines should be drawn using very gentle lines.

Step 2
Let’s add some flesh to the bones that make up Supergirl. The neck is drawn as a cylinder. Then we outline the torso, taking into consideration all curves of the torso as we can see in our illustration. Then, we outline the legs and arms with the same geometric forms. Don’t forget to not forget to draw two lines that intersect on your face. This helps us draw the facial characteristics.

Step 3
We can now include the most basic information which will be drawn similarly by using thin lines. So, the first sketch out the facial features and the contours of hair that is long. Next, we will focus on the body, drawing the silhouette of clothes and the logo across the chest. In the back, we draw a cape and proceed into the following step.

Step 4
Let’s sketch out the details of Supergirl’s face. Supergirl. By using connecting lines drawn in the previous section, meticulously draw the nose, eyes, and mouth. Make sure to draw the same details as we did in our illustration. Then, draw the outline of the face as well as the long hairstyle of Supergirl. Eliminate all unwanted lines from the face.

Step 5
Let’s move down to draw out the top part of Supergirl. The first step is to lightly draw the outline of the neck. The neck effortlessly merges through the body. With smooth and clear lines, trace the outline of the torso considering all curves as shown in the image below. Remove all lines from the torso, then create your symbol across the chest.

Step 6
In this brief stage, we have to create thin, but sturdy arms. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary guidelines from your arms. When drawing your arms, take note of the curves and curves of all the muscles that make up the arms. To master drawing hands, go to this drawing tutorial.

Step 7
If you have drawn the upper body of Supergirl Then it’s an appropriate time to sketch the lower portion of the body. Utilize those dark lines for drawing the skirt and draw the legs. Try to draw your legs’ lines more smoother than they appear in our illustration. Make sure to draw the outline of the knees and also the line of the boot. Take away any unnecessary guidelines from the legs and proceed through the steps.

Step 8
To allow our lesson to appear more complete and Supergirl more natural It is necessary to apply some shadows. This is why we employ the traditional hatching technique. Like every other time, it is first necessary to determine the source of light and add shadows on the lowest exposed regions on the illustration.

Today we will show our readers the art of drawing Supergirl. We made this lesson as simple and easy for anyone to understand. If you find something that isn’t clear to you from the lesson, please send us a note in the comments of this article. Also, in the comments section, leave your feedback on our website along with our lesson in drawing. To stay up-to-date with all drawing lessons, follow our social media channels.


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