Good morning! The drawing lesson today is simple but will provide a great exercise in accuracy. This lesson will show you how to draw a five-pointed Star.

Step 1
This lesson can be drawn with a ruler, but it is better to draw a star using a pen and paper. Draw two lines in the same direction as the example below.

Step 2
Draw another angle starting at the end of your previous step. You have almost completed the shape of your star.

Step 3
This is the simplest step in the tutorial about how to draw stars. As shown in the example, connect the ends of both the first and second steps.

Step 4
If you have done everything correctly, this is how your drawn star should look.

Step 5
This step will remove all lines that are not necessary.

Step 6
You can draw straight lines starting at the center of the star to connect it with all corners.

Step 7
We now add shadows to the final step in the drawing tutorial. Add shadows using simple or even intricate hatching on each side of the star beam.

You will get the stars if you have done everything right. Make a second star if you make a mistake. Don’t forget to share the lesson with your friends. Subscribe to us on social media.

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