In this drawing class, we will show the students steps to draw steps. We’ve attempted to make it easier for you to do the drawing, and have divided the lesson into easy steps.

Step 1
Then make two lines that are slightly closer to one another on the top.

Step 2
Then draw the lines connecting the two lines we traced in the previous step.

Step 3
Under the lines that were drawn in earlier, you can add more lines like in the example.

Step 4
Draw lines in between those lines that were drawn from earlier steps. Make sure to follow the example above and don’t be confused.

Step 5
The lines are now connected from earlier steps by using straight lines and lines that are short.

Step 6
Then, remove any lines that are not needed and draw the base of the ladder.

Step 7
In the final step of the lesson on drawing stairs, we draw shadows by applying dense hatching.

As we’ve already mentioned that the lesson was pretty straightforward. However, as you can see, towards the close of the lesson, we had pretty real staircases. You can observe, during this lesson, that we saw lots of straight lines. If you can draw all these lines using a ruler, then you’re an amazing artist.

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