Hello, dear readers! Today, we’ve prepared a brand-new drawing tutorial that will teach readers how you can draw Squidward.

Maybe this persona from the cartoon show SpongeBob, the square-pants character will be more vibrant than the main character. In fact, it’s impossible not to be reminded of the phlegmatic octopus that often expresses extremely humorous and insightful thoughts.

Let’s begin this drawing class, and then learn what it takes to draw Squidward!

Step 1
The first step is to draw our hero using this oval that is flattened. Similar to a beginning step of the course dedicating it to Eric Cartman, however, it’s a much more flattened version.

Step 2
It is apparent to be extremely difficult, but it’s not. Simply follow the procedure so that you won’t be confused. At the beginning beneath the oval, create a trapezoidal-like shape that tapers slightly downwards.

Then, on the bottom of the trapezoid, draw the lower portion of the mouth in the shape of that of the face with sadness (which isn’t surprising). Two ovals that have a vertical extension, create the eyes.

Step 3
Draw out the contours of the body of a Squidward It must be extended and long. The first step is to draw an outline of the torso. Connect it to the head using the neck’s thin. Draw the circle beneath the torso’s shape and finally, the tentacles. They’re a little like an upside-down palm tree however they are extremely conceptually drawn.

Step 4
A simple step. Make a small-sized sleeve on the top of the torso. and also draw a collar on the neck area. Draw the arms. Take note of how long the forearms appear in comparison to the rest of the arms.

Step 5
Make the shape of Squidward. The line of the eyelid is just a bit higher than the area where the circle rotates in an angular form. In addition, partially covered eyelids provide excellent responses to animations and are utilized to convey the impression of a skeptical or phlegmatic look. The identical view in the drawing lessons on drawing Brian Griffin. Make sure to draw the wrinkles that are above the eyes.

Step 6
Learn to draw Squidward in Spongebob Squarepants by adding specifics. First, with long lines, you can separate those tentacles (legs?) that make up our persona. Draw the contours of the rear part of our hands to indicate that the fingers are shaped like dots.

We hope this drawing lesson has been helpful to you. Don’t forget to sign up for our news on social media. Goodbye!

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