Hello dear artists. In the drawing tutorial, we posted previously, we demonstrated ways to draw sneakers. We thought it was interesting, so in this lesson, we’ve decided to show you how to draw sneakers.

Step 1
Like in the previous tutorial on the boot, we draw the general outline in the initial step. This time we must draw very thin lines.

Step 2
Include some general information like the sole or tongue. Also, in this process, we apply very subtle lines. The soles of the sneakers are flat in contrast to the soles of the boots.

Step 3
Now, let’s get to the specifics. Utilizing smooth, clear lines sketch the silhouettes of sneakers and erase any unnecessary lines.


Step 4
Keep drawing your sneakers. Take care to draw your tongue as well as the shoelaces in the manner illustrated at this point in the lesson.

Step 5
In this part of drawing the guide in the lesson on drawing sneakers, we will add the final specifics to sneakers. Draw out the seams on the front, and draw strips on the sides.

Step 6
This is the last step to drawing sneakers. Make sure you are comfortable with the pencil and begin to gently sketch the sneakers, as we did in our illustration.

We hope we could help you learn ways to draw shoes properly. Comment on how to draw sneakers in the comment section below this article, or on social media.

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