Hello dear friends! Today we’ll show how to draw what you can draw on an iPhone. We will demonstrate this using the basis of an iPhone (by the way in one of our previous drawing lessons, we showed the students ways to draw the iPhone).

Step 1
Thus, using straight lines, we can sketch the general outline of our smartphones.

Step 2
The corners of your smartphone are rounded, like in the example. Eliminate lines that are not needed.

Step 3
It is a simple process that we must trace the rear of the phone.

Step 4
Now, using straight lines, draw the huge touchscreen.

Step 5
In the upper portion draw the speaker as well as the round camera. In the lower section sketch the button with a round shape.

Step 6
The last step to complete is where we draw the buttons for control to the left sidebar.

It was a straightforward drawing tutorial on drawing on a smartphone. On our website, you can find an array of drawing tutorials on electronics, which includes lessons on drawing on the iPhone or television.

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