Hello, dear artists! In today’s drawing class we’ll teach students how you can draw Slenderman. The character was born from the imagination of members of one of those internet forums dedicated to mythical heroes or monsters.

The tale of Slenderman is a well-known urban legend and a frightening urban myth. Let’s find out what it takes to draw Slenderman.

Step 1
Then sketch the stickman – a man composed of lines and circles. The stickman can help us to show what proportions are in the character as well as the position of the character on the page. With an oval, sketch the outline for the heads. By drawing simple lines, trace the back, arms, and legs. It is important to note that, unlike a regular person, for example, an ophthalmologist the stickman sports an extremely disproportionate body.

Step 2
Draw two lines to connect the shoulders and the head. they should be similar to both sides of the triangle. Smooth lines define the arms, as they resembled elongated circular cylinders.

Step 3
Utilizing a few lines trace an outline of the collar. Draw the hands.

Step 4
Draw the contours of the lower portion of the legs and torso. The main lines of Slenderman are done.

Step 5
Remove the guidelines from the upper portion of Slenderman. Mark the lines in a circle to make them clear like in our illustration. Make the neckline of your shirt as well as tie it. Then fold it over the jacket.

Step 6
Create on the hands and the long boney fingers of the Slenderman. Incorporate some fields into the sleeves of the jacket.

Step 7
Now draw the lower part of the torso. You can erase the guidelines, then draw the lower portion of your jacket. Include the buttons and folds.

Step 8
This is the final step in the lesson on drawing Slenderman. Eliminate the leg guidelines. Mark the lines of the legs, making them smooth and neat like in the example. Make some folds, like shown in the example.

The lesson was on drawing Slenderman step-by-step. If you enjoyed these drawing exercises, be sure to subscribe to our weekly updates on Google Plus. Goodbye!

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