Today, we’ve prepared a brand new drawing lesson that will concentrate on drawing skateboards step-by-step. The skateboard is a favorite sport for many and is an icon of the street, non-Olympic sports. There are skateboarders who are professionals, that is, people who earn money through participation in contests and demonstrations. For instance, the name Tony Hawk is known in all circles and a lesser-known skateboarder is Bart Simpson. We’re just a bit distracted and we’re about to begin drawing an exercise where we’ll concentrate on drawing the skateboard!

Step 1
Then outline the deck’s contours. The edges should be folded upwards. Don’t forget that in accordance with the rules for prospects, the closest edge should appear larger than the far edge.

Step 2
This is a very easy step in which we draw the edges that will be drawn on our board. Naturally, the edge should follow the curvatures of the shapes in the previous step.

Step 3
Draw three wheels that are not hidden in the deck. Each wheel is comprised of two round parts. Redraw the wheel using our illustration.

Step 4
Direct lines indicate the suspension, which is a metal component that is used to connect the wheels are connected to the deck made of wood.

Step 5
Gently shave the edge of the deck using long strokes. Highlights should be left on the edges that protrude. On the upper deck, you can make a few short strokes. Also, add hatching to the wheels, and leave highlights.

The class on drawing the skateboard was over. The drawing lesson was fairly easy, but in the end, we have an authentic skateboard. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your family and friends and join us on social media.

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