So, dear artists. In this simple drawing tutorial, the team of will show the user the steps you can sketch sneakers. This is part of a sequence of instructions on clothing and shoes, where the artists of already demonstrated how to draw objects like glasses, bags, sneakers, and many more. Below, you’ll find five steps that are elements that are made up of a few lines. The process of drawing shoes uses the basis of a simple illustration however, by following these steps you can draw any footwear of any type. Let’s begin with drawing lessons on drawing shoes.

Step 1
The usual way to begin is to draw shoes by drawing the main outline. This isn’t a one-off. Sketch out the outline with fluid and transparent lines. In the first step, we determine the form of the shoes to come. This means that you can draw a sketch of traditional shoes like the picture below, or choose a variation that has a square or long toe.

Step 2
We’ll include some general details in the drawing of the shoes. Sketch out the sole first. Draw seams, shoelaces, and the top line. In this step, you are able to make several more modifications to the shoe sketch which distinguish it from the model created by the artists at For instance, you could create a more pronounced sole or have a different toe.

Step 3
In this next step, we’ll begin working on finishing the specifics. With clear and dark lines, draw the sketch of the shoes. Draw those lines that define the sole as well as the toe of the shoe, erasing additional guidelines.


Step 4
Let’s go a bit higher and draw the upper line of the shoes as well as the seams and shoelaces. Utilizing an eraser, remove any other guidelines left from the shoe drawing. In addition, you can modify your drawing by adding patterns or other elements.

Step 5
Let’s now work on shadows drawn on our shoes. Place shadows on the interior of the shoes as well as on areas that are not as well-lit. Shadows in our drawings are not just to highlight light and shadows however, they also help to draw attention to their volume.

It was a sketching tutorial on drawing shoes. On our website, you will find numerous drawing tutorials for different clothing items, for example, shoes or dresses. Go through them and leave your thoughts about our site as well as the techniques through which we show how to draw. We sincerely hope that this tutorial was not just helpful, but also enjoyable to you. If yes, make sure to follow our social media channels and then share this article with anyone who wants to be an authentic artist.


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