Today we are offering an exciting drawing class in which we’ll draw a unique and fascinating creature, a scorpion. The scorpion we are drawing today belongs to the arachnid group and has received a bad name. He is a small, biting creature that has a dangerous sting. In reality, it’s not required to be a massive dragon to be deadly, but even tiny insects can be easy to escape to the next planet. Let’s begin with the lesson and discover the art of drawing scorpions.

Step 1
First, draw the outline of a circle on the scorpion’s head.

Step 2
With a long, curved line, draw the spine which runs through the tail. Draw the sting at the tail’s tip.

Step 3
Draw out the outline of the scorpion’s legs.

Step 4
The powerful pincers of the scorpion. It is important to note that one pincer may appear more powerful than another because it is more close.

Step 5
Cover the scorpion’s body composed of rectangular elastic sheets like in our illustration.

Step 6
Increase the volume of the scorpion’s limbs as shown in the image below.

Step 7
The basic shapes are already ready. Remove the lines from the head and draw circles around the lines to create head plates and fangs.

Step 8
Remove the pincers’ guidelines. Draw lines along the pincers, making them smooth and clear.

Step 9
Remove the lines of the body and tail. And, following the steps previously mentioned create lines that are smooth and neat.

Step 10
So, we’ve completed the final step of the lesson on the drawing of a scorpion where we must erase the lines of the limbs and then trace the lines.

We hope that the staff from helped you to understand what it takes to draw scorpions.

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