The lesson will be dedicated to drawing scissors as a cutting tool that was developed in early times and is still used across the globe. It is a straightforward subject and the drawing instructions will be easy to follow and consist of only five steps.

Step 1

In this phase, we draw one of the two blades. We begin by sketching the blade’s outline and the outline of the hole that will be used for the finger. This means that in the initial phase your sketch will look something similar to this.

Step 2

We now need to show the other part of the scissors, which consists of a blade as well as the hole to accommodate a finger. Remember that the lines in those two first steps in the instructions on scissors should be light. The sketch of the scissors is completed beginning with 3rd step we’ll discuss the last details.

Step 3

The next step in the instructions on drawing scissors is far more challenging than the previous steps. With the aid of black and clear lines, draw lines that outline the cutting blades. Draw parts of the blades and the screw that holds the blades.

Step 4

Then, following along the line of blades, gently draw the outline of the handles. After that, carefully draw finger holes. They could be identical or different.

Step 5

The instruction on cutting with scissors is now almost over It is now up to us to make the subject more real. Through hatching, we can add shadows on the scissors and create glares on the blades by using quick strokes.

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