Are you looking to learn how to draw a saber? This drawing class is designed specifically for you!
Step 1
First, create a long, uniformly curving line like the example.
Step 2
Draw another line that is flat on one side and taper towards the point.
Step 3
In this part of the drawing lesson for the saber, we have to draw an outline of a grip.
Step 4
Then draw the guard that is attached to the pommel and safeguards a hand.
Step 5
On the blade, draw a long line as shown in the illustration.
Step 6
A simple process that we can follow is to create shadows and glare on the blade.

The lesson in this drawing was dedicated to drawing the sword. If you enjoyed this drawing lesson, make sure to check out our drawing lessons on drawing an axe as well as the art of drawing the Katana.


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