Good morning dear artists. Today, we are presenting to you a drawing tutorial where we show the students what to draw Robin. Actually, it’s an alias for a variety of fictional comic book characters like Batman.
They typically are often the companions of Batman however, they can also are seen as distinct heroes.
Step 1
In this example, Robin is standing straight. It will be relatively easy to sketch his head. Therefore, take your pencil and, with the aid of thin lines, sketch out the head in the shape of an upside-down egg (or the shape of an oval). Then, draw a line along the spine where the pelvis and chest are situated. After that step, sketch the legs and arms.
Step 2
Draw lines along the face, which will assist us to sketch facial characteristics. Then, we sketch the neck in the shape of a cylindrical shape. Sketch out the torso which slowly tapers towards the pelvis. Draw shoulders in the shape of circles, and arms in the form of basic figures. In addition, using the form of simple figures, trace out our legs.
Step 3
We continue our drawing lessons on drawing Robin. In this lesson, we will sketch out some of the parts of the clothing. The first thing we do is create a collar that is fashioned into a cape that is hung behind the back and hangs over the knees. The next step is to sketch the outline of the shoes and gloves.
Step 4
The main lines of our Robin are complete, but we must work on the specifics. By using the horizontal line drawn in the previous step, create the eyes in the shape of almonds. Below the eyes, draw out the nose using the vertical line of the previous step. Make the mouth appear and then proceed into the following step.
Step 5
In this stage, we complete sketching the head of Robin. On the upper part of the head, draw hair lines using curly lines. Draw the ear as well as the jawline and face in all. In the area of the eyes, draw the well-known costume of Robin (which looks a bit similar to a raccoon’s mask).
Step 6
Draw the collar gently. On the shoulders, draw the outline of the cape. Then, we draw the outline of the body. Remember that the torso will be narrower towards the waist (in those who are more athletic, this is more apparent). By drawing light lines, draw the outline of abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles beneath the dress. Mark out the logo and belt on the left of Robin’s chest.
Step 7
Let’s go to the armpits of the Robin. We must first sketch the outlines of short sleeves. Then, add folds around the armpit area. Then, draw the outline of muscles and gloves that are wide. The most challenging moment is drawing fists (to know more about this, check out the video on drawing fingers).
Step 8
The next step is like the first step. Eliminating all extra lines and strokes of the previous two stages, sketch an outline for Robin’s legs. Draw the outline of the knees and muscles as illustrated in our example. In the final step, we must draw the shoes.
Step 9
Then in the final part of the lesson on drawing Robin, we will add shadows. We do it with the comic book style. What exactly does this mean? In comics, you will always see shadows that are dark and in contrast. To draw these shadows, you must first sketch out the outline of the shadow. Then, paint them black. To create light shadows, you must employ cross-hatching and hatching.

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