Hello, dear readers! the art of drawing Raiden. In the beginning, Raiden is the god of thunder in Japan and is similar to Thor as portrayed in Norse mythology. Raiden is well-known to those who love the Mortal Kombat universe in the persona of a high-ranking man who is dressed in blue and white clothes, like those worn by the samurai. Just like this Raiden will be drawn!

Step 1
We must first outline the proportions of the main character. We will draw his body and place it on the paper and then to address all of the issues, we’ll draw a stickman, a figure composed of clubs and sticks. Pay attention to the posture of the character in our illustration Raiden was in a combat posture (many players will be familiar with it as it’s the most popular position taken by Raiden in a variety of Mortal Kombat games). As in the other lessons on drawing characters of normal human body – Knight or Spider-Man, We will follow the fundamental principles of proportions:

Human growth is the length of seven heads.
The legs are 3.5-4 heads.
The length of the torso’s torso, including the shoulders, is the same as the size of three heads.
The size that the head is (from your waist all the way to the neck inclusive) The maximum height of both heads.
The head is sketched out by drawing it in the form of an oval. The torso, shoulders legs, and hands are sketched out with simple lines.

Step 2
The body of Raiden is complete and we begin creating volume and detail. Draw a vertical line that is symmetrical to the face. Draw a horizontal line for the eyes and a conical hat. The edge of the hat should be slightly larger than the lines of your eyes. With short strokes, trace your lines for the mouth, nose, and tissues that surround the temple. If you’re a fan of the ninjas in The Mortal Kombat universe, be sure to look at our drawing lessons on the iconic trio – the Scorpion. Scorpion

, Sub-Zero, and Reptile.

Step 3
Now, we’ll lower down and add volume to the upper and hands. Draw the arms and neck in the shape of cylinders. Draw the torso in the shape of a large Cylinder. Draw out the elbows and the fists.

Step 4
We do the same thing using the lower portion of the trunk and the legs. By using the lines of the stickman trace the groin and belt into the shape of a triangle. Then draw the thighs in the shape of huge circular cylinders.

Step 5
Let’s focus a bit on the shape of our powerful Raiden. Remove the additional guidelines from the earlier step from the lower part of Raiden. Draw the arms and clothing on the arms. Sketch out the forms of the sleeves that are wide, and the tight bracers. Don’t forget to add a few folds to the garment.

Step 6
The next step is to focus on the lower section of the legs and trunk. Start by doing the same thing as the first step, remove the lines. Now let’s make the appearance of loose clothes slung over his legs. Draw the lower half of the jacket (it is known as the kataginu) as well as a belt and then back to the legs. Using some strokes outline the folds.

Step 7
Silhouette has worked well, so we decided to go down to add more details to the image. Let’s begin with the head and draw the face. As you can see, there’s no problem to draw – the almond-shaped eyes and arched eyebrows shorter nose, and some lines of the mouth. Don’t forget that you draw the folds of your nasolabial as well as the shadow that the hat leaves.

Step 8
Cover the headdress of Raiden by hatching it crosswise. Create folds in the dress and give some extra details. You can clearly see that the folds are only visible on the lower portion of the costume worn by Raiden Draw them by smooth lines around the neck and throat. Also, include a few more wrinkles between the shoulder and the elbows on both arms. Draw stripes of cloth on the forearms and indicate specifics on the Katarina. Draw hands.

Step 9
On the same basis draw the legs and waist of Raiden. Draw the details on the lower section of the kataginu. Add wrinkles to the pants’ fabric Raiden and large strips of fabric that are at the lower part of the legs.

Step 10
Raiden is getting close to being finished and is the final step in the drawing tutorial about the drawing process of Raiden in Mortal Kombat. Let’s add shadows. The light source must be identified for our example. The light is coming from the upper left side of ours. By using light hatching, create shadows on the left portion of the hat. Paint the inside of the cap. The hat’s shadow should be added to the upper portion of the face. Next, apply lighter shadows to the legs. The final step will be applying a shadow of light, which the Raiden figure will drop onto the ground.

It was a challenging class, yet the outcome was well worth the effort. Go to to learn more about the latest drawing classes. Best of luck, and come visit us on our website!


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