Dear readers of 3dvkarts. This is an illustration lesson on drawing the race car. You are aware that it is race cars are specifically designed and constructed for competitions in the automotive industry – as well as for mass competitions and also to set speed records. You may have noticed that we’ll demonstrate the drawing process of a race car based on the race model of the Lamborghini Huracan.

Step 1
Therefore, we begin with the basic outline that we will draw using very thin lines that are almost transparent.

Step 2
With the assistance of the same light lines, the same lines outline the most fundamental parts of the vehicle including the rearview mirrors, wheels, as well as a huge spoiler.

Step 3
With the aid of dark and clear lines, we sketch the headlights that are angular. Just a bit lower we draw the lines of both the grille and bumper.

Step 4
Continue drawing tutorials on drawing racing cars. We move on to the hood, and upon that we will draw lines of the hood as well as the air intake, and the Lamborghini logo.

Step 5
We then move towards the upper portion where we draw the line through the windows and roof. On the windshield, you could draw an image or inscribed one.

Step 6
We’ll move to the other side of the vehicle. Draw a line here of openings and intakes for air. You can also add the logo and inscriptions to our illustration.

Step 7
Make large wheel arches and not less massive wheels. Be aware that the car must be extremely low and clearance must be very minimal.

Step 8
Let’s go towards the rims. Draw an outline of a small circle around the center before drawing the rays from the center and along each side of the rims.

We have drawn many various automobiles including Opel Astra Ferrari and Tesla. Different drawing lessons offer distinct features and nuances. Make sure to share this drawing lesson with your friends and follow us on social media and we’ll draw more fascinating and interesting automobiles.

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