Hello, Dear artists and admirers of art! The latest drawing lesson is waiting for you on our website, and today we’ll teach you to draw an edible vegetable. We will also teach you how to draw an actual pumpkin. It’s a simple lesson and at the conclusion of the tutorial, you’ll receive a very real-looking pumpkin. However, it’s not just an ideal decoration for Halloween or even a weapon used by Hobgoblin as well as Green Goblin, but also delicious food. Let’s take a look at this lesson and discover how to draw the pumpkin!

Step 1
Then create a flattened circle. The pumpkin’s shape might not be completely smooth as in our example.

Step 2
Then then, in the upper portion of the oval, draw an outline of the stem. It is important to note that the majority of it is within the pumpkin’s circuit.

Step 3
This is an important step. We should draw lines around the pumpkin. Be aware that the areas of the pumpkin that have the closest proximity to us seem to be much bigger and wider than those that are further. Another thing to note is that the farther the lines appear farther apart, the closer they appear to one another.

Step 4
We use the stem. Eliminate any extra lines so that it appears less transparent. Next, draw a circle around its point to mark its thickness. In the end, using clear and precise lines, draw the stem, and draw a few lines around it. Draw the lower part of the pumpkin.

Step 5
Learn to draw the pumpkin by adding shadows. The light is to the left We will then apply shadows to the right-hand side that make up the segment. As you can observe it is simple, just regular hatching. The intensity of the shadow is what determines the pressure level on the pencil.

Drawing lessons about drawing the pumpkin were created for you by the artists of Remember, this isn’t the only instructional video on vegetables and fruits. On our website, you will also discover lessons on cherries, grapes, and cherries. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest news on the main page on our website on Facebook. Keep an eye on us, and learn to draw each day!

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