Hello, dear readers. Today’s lesson will focus on drawing Equestria, which will be the main character. As you can see, we’ll draw another pony from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

The universe of ponies has been a huge hit with young children and teens. There are many stories about them. There are many comics, cartoons, and books about ponies. We’ll also keep up to date with fashion and begin a lesson on how you can draw pony Fluttershy.

Step 1
Start drawing by using a small circle. This should be in the upper right corner of the sheet.

Step 2
Draw a small oval or a figure that looks like a bean. This figure can be connected to the head by using two curved, flowing lines.

Step 3
Now, we will draw the pony’s limbs. They will be the same as the legs of other My Little Pony characters, such as Pony Twilight Sparkle and Pony Princess Luna.

Step 4
Let’s start with Fluttershy’s head. Draw the contours of your ears, nose, and eyes. Pay attention to the shape of your eyes. It affects facial expressions as a whole.

Step 5
Fluttershy’s nose and mouth are indicated by a few lines. Draw the eyes. Within the main shape, draw many laps. Use the principle of Matryoshka to avoid confusion. Make sure you mark a few highlights.

Step 6
We now see a characteristic feature in the exterior of all Equestria residents – mane. It passes in playful scrolling bangs.

Step 7
Now draw the tail. The mane curves gently towards the tip of your tail and is noticeably thinner than the bang. We are referring to the amazing characters. There is a lesson on how you draw a dragon and a drawing lesson about Spike. Both lessons are also registered in Equestria.

Step 8
Let’s finish our drawing lesson. Circle the pony using confident lines. Draw a small pattern on his hip. Paint the pupil with a soft pencil.

We taught you how to draw Fluttershy the heroine in the series “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic” You can visit our website, share this article, and sign up for our Facebook page. There are many interesting things to see!

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