It’s actually easy to master the art of drawing an airplane as in the drawing class we’ll show you how. Before the lesson begins, we take note that we are going to sketch a plane for passengers that are very different from a fighter plane.
Step 1
Let’s start drawing the basic outline of the body of the aircraft. In this stage, we only need to draw a lengthy cylindrical.
Step 2
In the front, we draw the top of the plane. Then, in the back, we draw the tail and the wings stabilizers to the back of the tail.
Step 3
The lesson continues on drawing the plane. In this case, we will draw the wings with long and straight lines.
Step 4
In front of the plane, we create the glass. Under the wing, draw an engine for a turbine.
Step 5
It is a simple process in which we’ll need to erase the additional lines of our drawing.
Step 6
Let’s give the final appearance to our plane by using dark and clear lines around the drawing, giving it a crisp and clean look.
Step 7
In the final step of the drawing lesson on the drawing of a plane, we draw the windows and doors within the plane’s fuselage.

Here’s our plane drawing complete. We hope this lesson will aid you in learning how to draw planes. Don’t forget to sign up with us on social media and also share this and other lessons.

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