Hey dear artists, and welcome to our drawing tutorial about drawing the pillow step-by-step. This tutorial will comprise five steps that are very easy to follow, and we believe that any of you can learn how to draw this soft object.

Step 1
First, draw the shape of a geometrical diagram. Make sure to use very light lines during this step.

Step 2
By drawing curved lines, you can draw the outline of the pillow using curved lines. Make sure that the lines do not be straight.

Step 3
Eliminate the lines we traced in the initial step, and you will have an idea of the shape of the pillow.

Step 4
Let’s create a drawing that is more similar to pillows. Draw the folds and seams as we did in our illustration.


Step 5
The last part of the drawing lesson is drawing a pillow where we’ll add shadows.

It was a simple drawing lesson on drawing the pillow. In the meantime, what are your top drawing tutorials on our website? Comment here or on our social media profiles on our pages. Be sure to follow our page on Pinterest and we will post shorter renditions of drawing classes.

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